With the development of information technology, it is getting increasingly mature, and gradually infiltrated into all kinds of industries. Network information-seeking is an important way for people to search information. However, as there is a mass of information on internet。


1. The ruler had been so cruel and dishonest that after the revolution she was

banished. A few members of the Senate opposed this decision, but the majority voted that the ruler should leave the country forever.

A. killed by stoning B. sent away

C. imprisoned D. punished by whipping

2. The prisoner seemed to relax but actually he was thinking hard, while his hand

moved so slowly that the movement was imperceptible. It was only when the keys accidentally fell from the table that the guard suddenly realized that the prisoner’s hand had almost reached them.

A. hardly noticeable B. heavy-handed

C. not capable of fast or immediate action D. a matter of habit

3. Mrs. Morgan’s son was intelligent and charming, but his continual extravagance

made her wonder if she could continue to support him. Each month she was going deep into debt, attempting to pay for his expensive purchases.

A. superior manner

B. wastefulness or carelessness in spending money

C. showing too great concern for current fashions

D. insults to family or close friends

4. Twelve-year-old Sally was an active girl, while her sister was quite sedate.

A. pretty B. calm C. protective D. energetic

5. I wanted to stay in New York, but my friend tried to dissuade me.

A. deceive B. frighten C. talk out of it D. accompany

6. Albert’s success after much effort and practice prove the value of persistence.

A. time B. competition C. perseverance D. beginning again

7. He felt very lonely; he had lived in Baltimore City for a month and had met no one in the inhospitable city.

A. unfriendly B. uncomfortable C. unhealthy D. enormous

8. I found a secluded area where no man or animal could be seen for miles around.

A. cool B. isolated C. quiet D. noisy

9. The archaeologist spent years studying and searching for remains of the Chinese civilization.

A. one who studies the mind B. one who studies cultures

C. one who studies the body D. one who studies animals

10. CARDIFF, Wales (De, 15) – Poets, singers and musicians from across the globe gathered Wales to celebrate the tradition of storytelling. “It came out of a group of people who wanted to reconnect with traditions, and as all the Welsh are storytellers, it was in good hands here.” Ambrose said.

A. controlled by rich people B. grasped by good storytellers

C. taken good care of D. protected by kind people

11. Eleven people were wounded, several seriously. When the two gunmen walked into the crowded Rising Sun Pub in Greysteel, some 120 kilometers northeast of Belfast, carrying guns. It is said that they went near a frightened teenage girl and made the old “trick or treat” greeting that children world-widely use to get sweets from their neighbors. “I don’t think that’s funny.” She replied, then she was shot down. A. usually used by children to get sweets from others

B. a warning used by criminals to snatch something

C. a secret was used by protestant gunman to kill somebody

D. an old saying, but not used now

12. Beauty has always been regarded as something praiseworthy. Almost everyone thinks attractive people are happier and healthier, have better marriages and have more respectable jobs. Personal advisors give them better advice for finding jobs. Even judges are softer on attractive defendants. But in the executive circle, beauty can become a liability.

A. disadvantage B. advantage C. misfortune D. trouble

13. If a language has a large number of speakers or if it is very old, there may be differences in the way it is spoken in different areas. That is, the language may have several dialects. Chinese is a good example of dialect differences. Chinese has been spoken for thousands of years by millions of speakers. The differences between the dialects of Chinese are so great that speakers of Chinese from some parts of China cannot understand speakers from other parts.

A. a special language spoken by Chinese

B. the sign used by the Chinese people in a special area

C. the difference between the old and today’s Chinese

D. the form of a language used in one part of the country

14. If you are a recent social graduate who has had to listen about unemployment from your computer major classmates, you may have had the last laugh. There are many advantages for the social science major because this high-tech “Information Age” demands people who are flexible and who have good communication skills.

By saying that “You may have had the last laugh,” the author means that you

may have ______________.

A. shared the jokes with computer majors

B. earned as much as computer majors

C. found jobs more easily than computer majors

D. stopped joking about computer majors

15. A traditional Chinese proverb says, “The worst ingratitude towards one’s parents is not to have a child.” But such thinking is being abandoned in the cities. A March survey of nearly 720 women in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chengdu suggested that nearly one-fifth do not want any children.

The underlined word “abandoned” means ________ in this passage.

A. accepted B. discussed C. given up D. criticized

16. Finally, although some social science majors may still find it more difficult than their technically trained classmates to land the first job, recent graduates report that they don’t regret their choice of study.

The underlined word “land” probably means ____________.

A. keep for some time B. successfully get

C. immediately start D. lose regretfully

17. It seems that some people go out of their way to get into trouble. That’s more or less what happened the night that Nashville Police Officer Floyd Hyde was on duty. “I was on the way to a personal-injury accident in West Nashville. As I got onto Highway 40, blue lights and sirens going, I fell in behind a Gold Pontiac Firebird that suddenly seemed to take off quickly down the highway. The driver somehow panicked at the sight of me. He was going more than a hundred miles an hour and began passing cars on the shoulder.”

The meaning of “panicked” is related to ___________.

A. shame B. hate C. anger D. fear

18. In my mind, attending my dream university would be the only way to realize my dream of becoming ass writer. My parents understood how I felt. They told me that even though it would be a financial problem, I could go wherever I would be happiest. But as I was always careful with money, I wasn’t sure what to do. One of the schools that offered me a full ride had an information dinner one night in the spring. Considering my parents’ financial difficulties, I decided to drive the 45 minutes and attend. At first, all I had planned to do was smile politely, eat free food, and listen quietly. But I surprised myself.

In the passage, “offered me a full ride” can be replaced by “__________”.

A. would pay for transport to the school

B. would show me around the campus

C. would offer free meals at all events

D. would charge me nothing for tuition

19. An 18th – century statesman Edmund Burke once said, “All that is needed for the success of a misguided cause is that good people do nothing.” One such cause now seeks to end biomedical research because of the theory that animals have rights to decide whether to be used in research. Scientists need to respond forcefully to animal rights advocates, whose argument are puzzling the public and threaten advances in health knowledge and care. Leaders of the animal rights movement attack biomedical research because it depends on public funding, and few people understand the process of health care research. Hearing the false reports of cruelty to animals in research settings, many are puzzled that anyone would harm an animal on purpose.

The underlined word “threaten” in paragraph 1 means __________.

A. doing a favor B. drawing attention to

C. causing a danger to D. making their way to

20. One country received its second-place medals with visible anger after the hockey final. There had been noisy scenes at the hockey match, the losers objecting to the final decisions. They were sure that one of their goals should not have been disallowed and that their opponent victory was unfair. Their manager was in great anger when he said, “This wasn’t hockey. Hockey and the International Hockey Federation are finished.” The president of the Federation said later that such behavior could result in the suspension of the term for at least three years.

What did the manager mean by saying, “Hockey and the International Hockey Federation are finished?”

A. His team would no longer take part in international games.

B. Hockey and the Federation are both ruined by the unfair decisions.

C. There should be no more Hockey matches organized by the Federation.

D. The Federation should break up

1-5BABBC 6-10CABBC 11-15AADCC 16-20BDDCB


1. Grown-ups know that people and objects are solid. At the movies, we know that if we reach out to touch Tom Cruise, all we will feel is air. But does a baby have this understanding?

To see whether babies know objects are solid, T. Bower designed a method for projecting an optical illusion of a hanging ball. His plan was to first give babies a real ball, one they could reach out and touch, and then to show them the illusion. If they know that objects are solid and they reached out for the illusion and found empty air, they could be expected to show surprise in their faces and movements. All the 16-to 24-week-old babies tested were surprised when they reached for the illusion and found that the ball was not there.

The passage is mainly about _______________.

. A. babies’ sense of sight B. effects of experiments on babies

C. babies’ understanding of objects D. different tests on babies’ feelings

2. That night, the man of his own village came to school. For a while no one said anything. At last Carlos spoke, “We want to thank you for being in our village,” he said. “We want to thank you for teaching our children.” Ed looked at him. “I like

teaching your children,” he said. “Then please don’t leave us,” Carlos said.

Ed understood. Now he knew why the men were there. They had heard Ed talk about other village. They thought he was going there to teach.

“But I am not leaving,” Ed said, “This is my home as long as I’m in Educator. John F. Kennedy No. 1 is my school.”

What’s the main idea of this passage?

A. The school Ed had visited was a great school.

B. The men of the village wanted to thank Ed.

C. Ed liked teaching the children of the village he lived in.

D. Ed was loved and respected by the villagers of the village he worked in.

3. Tigers are founded in many Asian countries. In the forest and grasslands, a tiger is hard to see. The sunlight is shining through leaves and branches and makes patches of bright light and shadow. A tiger’s golden colored coat with its dark strips is not easily seen for its hair is the same color as the blades of yellowish grass and patches of deep shadow. This camouflage is very important because tigers are hunters. If other animals could see a tiger coming, they would quickly run away. The tiger has very strong, sharp teeth which are used for seizing and eating the animals it catches. A tiger’s chief foods are deer, wild pigs and other small animals, but it will also kill cows. Tigers usually hunt and eat at night, and during the day they lie eating, hidden in the tall grass.

The best title for this passage is _______________.

A. Tigers and Other Small Animals B. Something about tigers

C. Tigers’ camouflage D. How tigers Live

4. A child who stays up too late is often too tired to be successful in school. A

child who is allowed to eat anything he wishes may have bad teeth and even

suffer from malnutrition; Children who are rude and disorderly often suffer pangs

of guilt. Children who are discipline are happy children. They develop in an

atmosphere where they know exactly what is expected of them. This provides

them with a sense of order, a feeling of security.

Which sentence best expresses the main idea?

A. Any child who is brought up well will become a successful and happy child.

B. If a child goes to bed very late, he will not study well at school because of tiredness.

C. If a child eats whatever he likes, he will not study well at school because of tiredness.

D. Good education will give a child a sense of order and a feeling of security.

5. A sense of humor is just one of the many things shared by Alfred and Anthony Melillo, 64-year-old twin brothers from East Haven who made history in February 2002. On Christmas Eve,1992, Anthony had a heart transplant from a 21-year-old donor. Two days before Valentine’s Day in 2002, Alfred received a 19-year-old heart, marking the first time on record that twin adults each received heart transplants.

“I’m 15 minutes older than him, but now I am younger because of my heart

and I’m not going to respect him,” Alfred said with a grin, pointing to his brother while talking to a roomful reporters, who laughed frequently at their jokes.

This article is mainly about ____________.

A. the danger of heart transplant surgery

B. becoming young by getting a new heart

C. the effect of genetic on the heart

D. the twin brothers who received heart transplants


Why did Alfred say, “I’m 15 minutes older than him, but I’m younger because of my heart?”

A. His heart transplant surgery was more successful than Anthony’s.

B. His recovery from the heart surgery was faster than Anthony’s.

C. His exercise program was better than Anthony’s.

D. His new heart was younger than Anthony’s.

6. Do you know what was school teachers expected to do over one hundred years ago? Firstly they had to be expert in the subject they taught and they had to be good at teaching. Secondly, besides their teaching duties, they had to provide their students with different services. They should care for the oil lamps, took care of the fire, and supply their students with sharp pencils. Thirdly, after a long day in the classroom, they were expected to spend some time every evening reading the Bible. Women teachers were not permitted to marry and barbershops were off limits to men teachers. Of course, smoking tobacco and drinking alcohol were strictly forbidden. It is believed that some teachers either left their jobs or were dismissed from schools when they were found to have broken the above mentioned discipline.

Which statement expresses the main idea?

A. Teachers were foolish for performing menial tasks.

B. The teaching profession demanded total dedication and good teaching ability.

C. Teachers were very religious in Jesus Christ.

D. Teachers were not to be trusted with tobacco and alcohol.

The paragraph could be titled _____.

A. Other Times, Other Places B. Seeing Is Believing

C. Other Times, Other Customs D. The Truth Will Out

7. Nomads are people who have no fixed homes but move from place to place. Hunting peoples, such as the Bushmen, Pygmies and Australian aborigines move in search of large animal population. Pastoral nomads, in the Middle East and Central Asia, move with the seasons to find pasture for their animals. Other patrol peoples, also dependent on the seasons, grow crops but move to other places after their crops need no attention. Some agricultural workers, in the United States particularly, follow a nomadic life also, going northward during the growing and harvesting season and returning to the warmer southern regions in the winter. Generally speaking, the nomads’ movements are regulated by the seasons and effects of the season on plants and animal lives.

Which of the following statements best expresses the main idea of the paragraph?

A. There are still some nomadic peoples left in the modern world.

B. In search of large animal population, nomads move from one place to another.

C. Seasons and their effects on plants and animal lives regulate nomads’ movements.

D. Bushmen, Pygmies and Australian aborigines are nomadic peoples.

The best title of the paragraph could be ________________.

A. Where There Is a Large Animal Population, There Are Nomads

B. Characters of Nomads

C. Two Decisive Factors of Nomads’ Movements

D. Some American Agricultural Workers – Nomadic Peoples of New Era

8. Newspapers do not always report the facts fairly and truly. For example, a

newspaper in a southern state may devote very little space to an item on racial

injustice. On the other hand, a newspaper from the Northeast might give wide

coverage to such problem in other parts of the nation and fail to report on local

racial troubles. In this way readers can be misled. They may be fooled into

believing that prejudice is a regional problem and fail to realize that racism knows no boundary. Though all newspapers consider themselves to be very fair and to report everything based on very true facts, their reports are unfounded occasionally.

This passage is a paragraph __________________.

A. which has no topic sentence B. with its first sentence as the topic

C. with its last sentence as the topic D. both B and C

The careful newspaper reader should aware that ________________________.

A. most news stories cannot be believed

B. some newspapers present only one side of the story

C. many newspapers attempt to cheat their readers

D. government control of the news industry is needed

The reporting policies of newspapers _ ____________________.

A. reflect the needs of the public

B. should support the views of local readers

C. can be made to serve private interests

D. should be under the control of taxpayers

The faulty news reporting described in the passage is ___________________.

A. the exception to general practice

B. a threat to freedom of the press

C. an insult to journalism

D. a dangerous and wide spread abuse

1 c 2 c 3 d 4 d 5 d d 6 b c






•When you read a text,

you will probably find

some words you don’t

know. Sometimes you

take time out to look

up a new word in the

dictionary, but doing that too many times slows

down your reading.


•In fact, you can often figure out meanings for new words or expressions without using the dictionary. Look at the

context of each word or

expression – the sentence

that the word or expression

is in and the sentences that

come before and after.



•货 贷 赁 贱

•解 = 牛 + 角 + 刀

•已 巳 己


•When it snows, children like to make snowmen.


•1. football

•2. himself

•3. overcome

•4. sometime

•5. widespread





•fat-fingered: to make mistake while typing

•I need more time to

type out this file

because I am so fat- fingered.


smooth-sailing 顺利进行

I wish you everything to be smooth-sailing.


•Bill and I have

been having a







•1. dis-+agree(一致的)→disagree不一致,意见不合

•2. dis- + arm(武装) →disarm解除武装

•3. dis-+honest(诚实的)→ dishonest 不诚实的


•The advance of

science is










undo the harm

unlearn the habit


#undo the harm的意思是消解先前造成的伤害或苦痛,这里do(造成)加了前缀un,意思就完全相反了。

# unlearn the habit就是改掉坏习惯,这里的unlearn(改掉,忘掉)跟learn(养成)的意思也完全相反。






  一 针对性解释

  针对性解释是作者为了更好的表达思想,在文章中对一些重要的概念、难懂的术语或 词汇等所作的解释。这些解释提供的信息具有明确的针对性,利用它们猜词义比较容易。

  1.根据定义猜测词义 如果生词是句子或段落所解释的定义,理解句子或段落本身就是推断词义。


  anthropology is the scientific study of man.


  In slang the term "jam" constitutes a state of being in which a person finds himself or herself in a difficult situation.


定义句的谓语动词多为:be, mean, deal with, be considered, to be, refer to, be called, be known as, define, represent, signify, constitute等。

  2.根据复述猜测词义 虽然复述不如定义那样严谨、详细,但是提供的信息足以使阅读者猜出生词词义。


  同位语 Semantics, the study of the meaning of words, is necessary if you are to speak and read intelligently.

  此例逗号中短语意为“对词意义进行研究的学科”。该短语与前面生词semanties式 同位关系,因此我们不难猜出semanties指“语义学”。

  在复述中构成同位关系的两部分之间多用逗号连接,有时也使用破折号,冒号,分 号,引号,和括号等。

  Capacitance, or the ability to store electric charge, is one of the most common characteristics of electronic circuits.


  需要注意的是:同位语前 还常有or, similarly, that is to say, in other words, namely, or other, say i. e. 等副词或短语出现。

  定语从句 Krabacber suffers from SAD, which is short for seasonal affective disorder, a syndrome characterized by severe seasonal mood swings.

  根据生词SAD后面定语从句which is short for seasonal affective disorder和同位语a syndrome characterized by severe seasonal mood swings, 我们可以推断出 SAD含义,即“季节性情绪紊乱症”。

  3.根据举例猜测词义 恰当的举例能够提供猜测生词的重要线索,例如:

  The consequences of epochal events such as wars and great scientific discoveries are not confined to a small geographical area as they were in the past.

  句中“战争”和“重大科学发现”是生词的实例,通过它们我们可以猜出epochal的 大致词义“重要的”,这与其确切含义“划时代的”十分接近。

  二 内在逻辑关系


  1. 根据对比关系猜测词义 在一个句子或段落中,有对两个事物或现象进行对比性的描述,我们可以根据生词或 难词的反义词猜测其词义。例如:

  Andrew is one of the most supercilious men I know. His brother, in contrast, is quite humble and modest.该例中supercilious对许多人来说可能是个生词,但是句中短语in contrast,(相对照的,相对比的)可以提示我们supercilious和后面词组humble and modest(谦卑又谦虚)是对比关系。分析出这种关系后,我们便能猜出supercilious意为“目空一切 的,傲慢的”。

  表示对比关系的词汇和短语主要是unlike,not,but,however,despite,in spite of,in contrast 和while 引导的并列句等。

  A good supervisor can recognize instantly the adept workers from the unskilled ones.

  2. 根据比较关系猜测词义 同对比关系相反,比较关系表示意义上的相似关系。

Green loves to talk,and his brothers are similarly loquacious.

  该句中副词similarly表明短语loves to talk与生词loquacious之间的比较关系。以 此可以推断出loquacious词义为“健谈的”。表示比较关系的词和短语主要是similarly,like,just as,also等。

  3. 根据因果关系猜测词义 在句子或段落种,若两个事物、现象之间构成因果关系,我们可以根据这种逻辑关系 推知生词词义。

Tom is considered an autocratic administrator because he makes decisions without seeking the opinions of others.


  There were so many demonstrators in the Red Square that he had to elbow his way through the crowd.

  此句为结果状语从句,根据从句的描书“许多示威者”,我们便可推知elbow的词意 “挤,挤过”。

  4. 根据同义词的替代关系猜测词义 在句子或段落种,我们可以利用熟悉的词语,根据语言环境推断生词词义。

Although he often had the opportunity, Mr. Tritt was never able to steal money from a customer. This would have endangered his position at the bank, and he did not want to jeopardize his future.

  作者为避免重复使用endanger一词,用其同义词jeopardize来替代它,由此推知其词 义为“使. . . 陷入危险,危及、危害”。

  Doctors believe that smoking cigarettes is detrimental to your health. They also regard drinking as harmful.

  句中detrimental四个生词,但判断出harmful替代detrimental后,不难推断出其词义 为“不利的,有害的”。

  三 外部相关因素

  外部相关因素是指篇章(句子或段落)以外的其他知识。有时仅靠分析篇章内在逻辑关 系无法猜出词义。这时,就需要运用生活经验和普通常识确定词义。

Husband:it"s really cold out tonight. Wife: Sure it is. My hands are practically numb. How about lighting the furnace?


  The snake slithered through the grass.


  在猜测词义过程中,除了使用上面提到的一些技巧,我们还可以依靠构词方面的知识, 从生词本身猜测词义。

  1. 根据前缀猜测词义 例如:
He fell into a ditch and lay there, semiconscious, for a few minutes. 根据词根conscious(清醒的,有意识的),结合前缀semi(半,部分的,不完全的), 我们便可猜出semiconscious词义“半清醒的,半昏迷的”。

I"m illiterate about such things. 词根literate意为“有文化修养的,通晓的”,前缀il表示否定,因此illiterate指 “一窍不通,不知道的”。

  2. 根据后缀猜测词义 例如:
Insecticide is applied where it is needed. 后缀cide表示“杀者,杀灭剂”,结合大家熟悉的词根insect(昆虫),不难猜出 insecticide意为“杀虫剂”。

Then the vapor may change into droplets. 后缀let表示“小的”,词根drop指“滴,滴状物”。将两个意思结合起来,便可推断出droplet词义“小滴,微滴”。

  3.根据复合词的各部分猜测词义 例如:
Growing economic problems were highlighted by a slowdown in oil output. Hightlight或许是一个生词,但是分析该词结构后,就能推测出其含义。它是由high (高的,强的)和light(光线)两部分组成,合在一起便是“以强光照射,使突出” 的意思。

Bullfight is very popular in Spain. Bull(公牛)和fight(打,搏斗)结合在一起,指一种在西班牙颇为流行的体育运动——斗牛。

  综上所述,利用各种已知信息推测、判断词义是一项重要的阅读技巧。在实践中,我们可以灵活运用,综合运用上面提到的几种猜测技巧,排除生词的障碍,顺利理解文 章的思想内容,提高阅读速度。

  该句中并未出现上面提到的表示对比关系的词或短语,但是通过上下文可以判断出句 子前后是对比关系,即把熟练工人与非熟练工人区分开。这时我们也能够推断出生词 adept的词义,“熟练的”。




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